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How to Help Our Loved Ones

Helping families evaluate parental living and care options in the transition from independent living

Understand the process

What Will Our
Support Involve?

Today, Canada’s older adults are better educated, more financially secure, and living longer. Together with their families, they are seeking the best products and range of services to help them grow older with optimized independence. Our mission is to help them understand and work through the process for them to reach a decision. What we have learnt is it is so important to share with everyone what the process will look like to ensure that we refine it and tailor it to each family’s specific situation and needs. Understanding how we will get to the solution is key to building your confidence in the analysis/recommendation we will provide you with. You and your parent/s are involved throughout, and we are just working to help decrease your vulnerabilities at this pivotal time in your lifecycle with your parents.


Getting to Know Your Loved Ones

One on one meeting/s with the parent/s to ensure they feel they are in charge of the decision and their destiny. Nobody wants to lose control of their life, especially someone who is facing losing independence. Through discussion, we get an understanding of their level of independence and how much help they need with everyday life in key areas (family support, home safety, medical needs, cognitive health, mobility, personal hygiene, meal preparation, social interaction); in addition to establishing the parent/s priorities/likes/dislikes and gauging their readiness to take this step.


Understand the Objectives and Priorities of the Family

Meeting with the family to understand their objectives, availability and involvement in care for their parents. It is important to make an honest assessment early in the process to ensure the solution is sustainable.  This will focus the solution to decrease the family exposure and ensure their parents have the proper medical care and are safe as by looking after their health and safety it allows the family to be supportive and caring moving forward. One factor to consider is convenience for the family.


Understand the Financial Limitations

Get a clear understanding of the parent/s and families financial plan and funding parameters, ensuring this is based on a long-term perspective and agreement on assumptions.  Ensuring that there is a financial plan in place or providing recommendations for support in these areas. 


Establish the Criteria for the Search and Analysis

I will share the initial criteria with the parent/s and family to ensure we all have the same expectation for what success will look like and/or discuss how we bridge the gap. This provides the family with feedback as to what the critical needs are and/or obstacles might be and a longer term plan so as not to force change too quickly.  


The Diligence Process

- Identify care/living solutions that meet the criteria in your area.

- Visit in person each facility, tour and obtain detailed financial and level of care information.

- Coordinate follow-up appointments at senior living options that we feel will meet your parent/s needs. We will attend with your parent/s so they have the opportunity to ask questions, tour the community to get a feel for them and provide their views on each.


Solution Presented

Prepare and present a full analysis to family members based on criteria, identifying distinguishing offerings, comparison of costs and recommended optimal care and living solution. We manage the entire process of their transition with the support of our team to ensure that it is seamless and done with the required sensitivity and empathy.

"The key for us was Mum's safety and to ensure she was getting the level of care she really needs in a place that still feels like home and your recommendation has provided that for her."

~ Carol, Later In Life Customer

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