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Helping families evaluate parental living and care options in the transition from independent living

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Why Later In Life Solutions?

Canada’s older adults are better educated, more financially secure, and living longer. Together with their families, they are seeking the best products and range of services to help them grow older with optimized independence.

One-in-four Canadians will be over 65 by 2030, when the youngest baby boomers turn 65. This makes seniors care and living a priority for seniors, their families and businesses supporting their employees.

While for all of us our first wish would be to age at home, it is not always practical as parents get older and have challenging medical conditions, are losing friends and family, are no longer able to drive safely and so become isolated and stop thriving. This is when families recognize their parent's present home may no longer be the right place for them to live their best life.

Unpredictable parental caregiving needs and concern for one's parents well-being can make it difficult for family members to juggle their work and home responsibilities creating intergenerational family stress.

At Later In Life Solutions we support busy professionals, who are trying to balance their multi-generational demands and their careers.  Our mission is to help parents and families understand and work through the process for them to reach a decision and reduce the stress. Working as your trusted advisor we provide the needed support to help you find the right solution(s) for your loved one and support your parent through this stressful transition.

We also know that companies are all looking for ways to support and retain their professionals and are mindful of the sandwich generation caught balancing their work, family and elderly parents' care. Adult caregiving is a real and growing issue which insurance benefits alone do not address. With the graying of the baby boomers combined with the medical improvements resulting in parents living longer, we are seeing the explosion of the sandwich generation.

At Later In Life Solutions we provide educational support programs for these professionals and provide personalized independent support to families planning for their parents later in life. We can also help your organization evaluate the impact this is having on your business and provide you with suggestions to minimize the impact on your business and employees. 

We aim to put your employees mind at rest, knowing that they are taking care of the safety and happiness of their parents, as they transition to this next chapter of life. A chapter where they can be engaged and stimulated and where they can exercise their minds and bodies surrounded by others that are at the same stage in life, so they continue to thrive.  

I’ll be your trusted advisor to navigate your parent's transition to a premium private senior's community to live the lifestyle they deserve.

~ Jennifer Baddeley, Founder

How we can help you

About Later in
Life Solutions.

We partner with busy professionals and families who are seeking living and care solutions for their parents later in life. Our objective is to provide help to your family in an area where each of us is vulnerable in making the right choice for our parent/s as they transition from independent living.


Compare and Assess Private Care and Living Options

Helping you assess your options when transitioning elderly parents from independent living, to match the place they call “home” with the premium level of care, safety and social support they need and deserve.


Understand the Needs of Your Loved One

Learning about your parent/s needs, likes and dislikes and priorities as they relate to their present and future living experience. 


Support Their Transition

Being objective and compassionate to support this sensitive transition in your parents’ life.


Determine Financial Limitations

Conducting the diligence and discussions needed to provide a detailed and objective analysis that presents available care and living options consistent with your family’s financial parameters and your parents’ overall needs.


Happiness and safety assurance

Focusing on maximizing happiness, care and safety within each family’s budget.

Caring For
Aging Parents
In Today’s Busy Society

You can be productive at work while still giving your aging parents the care and attention you would love to give them.

The Bottom Line

Isolation, loneliness, and boredom are the most common issues among elderly people. It may be compounded by mobility issues.

The inability to drive as much as they used to could compound the loneliness they feel on a daily basis. Worse still, they see their friends passing away. There are fewer opportunities to make friends and get involved in social engagements, adding to the reason why many older parents tend to stay at home.

“We are really grateful for the assistance you provided moving Mum from independent to assisted living.”

~ Carol, Later In Life Customer

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